Phillip Fawcett. Runner

‘…after 11 years, a magnificent return to the half marathon distance.’
‘…masterly pace judgement by this sub-3 hour London Marathon man.’
‘…a triumph of experience, preparation and tenacity.’

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Here's some news...

I hate the music world and I've always hated it. I fell into it because of no other reason than being on the autistic spectrum, undiagnosed in my youth. I look on it now as an illness, as one expression of a wider and devastating package of mental illness I succumbed to, and as such a deeply regretful, harming and self-harming waste of time. At its lowest point, this featured a suicide attempt on the railway tracks north of Carnforth. Many will take the view I deserved it - or rather that it deserved to 'succeed'. But it didn't, and I can't do anything about the entrenched lack of forgiveness in society towards offences which are little understood, even by so-called experts. Reaction is based almost entirely on ignorance and fear, fed by a tawdry and hypocritical media: Lancaster Guardian is a prime example, who by their reporting have absolutely directly endangered my 2 children, for what is in truth nothing more than for the sake of sales. All expression of remorse is futile. Those that forgive, forgive; those that can't, don't. All I can say is that I - the real Phillip Fawcett - am back. This website is henceforth taken over for my running.

Just to be clear, Phillip Fawcett is a distance runner, specializing in road running 5k to the marathon. My ideal distance is somewhere in between, 10k to half marathon. Page 2 is a glossary of all the races I have ever competed in, Page 3 is now my running blog.

A thanks to those who feel able to offer humaneness of any kind, even if just a civil acknowledgement. As to those of you who can only judge with contempt; good luck with God if you think you're any better than me. However, I have more respect for the 'hang him high' brigade than those who have cut me off out of self-preservation more than anything else, ie basically not wanting to be embarrassed by association. That, in my opinion, is the most pernicious witch-hunting aspect of the whole thing, making humans a judgemental race of ignorant cowards, and a prime reason that the world does not heal. You all know who you are.