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My running blog is here. Although this was launched on 16th Sept. 2017, the great comeback began at the start of the year with an inauspicious outing at the Lancaster 5k. Since then, progress has been made!

Monday 4th December 2017

Year 1 of the plan draws to a close, and I have to be very pleased with what I've achieved. Improvement in times is hard to come by at my age, and with pretty dedicated training it has come in small installments spread over the year. But it has come: in February I could manage only a 5k in 23 minutes, complete with a borderline calf muscle tear. In November, I have managed 10 milers and half marathons at a faster pace than that! Moreover, I am completely free of any hint of injury - whether the calves or the dreaded runner's knee of my 20s - in what has been a training programme put together with consummate patience and experience at the ripe old age of 49. So, without bashfulness, credit where it's due (and God knows I need my morale-boosts), but I am not going to forget that this is also a blessing. To have the basic soundness of body to be able to do this comes from only one place.

  Today I discover to my delight that my Half Marathon record for 'Lancaster Runners' is still intact - 1 hour 34 minutes 31 seconds - because nobody managed to beat it at yesterday's Lancaster Half. I opted out of this, feeling jaded and carrying some mild throat/cold virusy thing. I thought there was at least half a chance of the record being taken, with a handful of us being so closely bunched around the 1:35 mark in ability, but it survives. This is such a big boost (I can probably enjoy it now until well into 2018) and I now stand proudly as the holder of both the Half Marathon and 10 Mile records (70:39).

  This refreshes my ambitions nicely. Hopefully I can get rid of this virus quickly and have an excellent spell of training over Xmas. A major - possibly just achievable - medium term target is the 10k record at Garstang in late January. This race is a traditional year-opener and always has a big, high-quality field, but the course is not the flattest. Definitely something to aim for, though, and I should at the very least be able to get an improvement for myself. 41:10 will be a tough ask, though, and a higher standard than the 10m or Halfm times. Before that, in two weeks, there's a good chance to get my 5k record back at the flat Lancaster winter 5k. I'll also be having a look at the events diaries to find 10 milers and half marathons where I might defend or improve on my records in 2018.

  Ultimate targets over this 5 years of what I intend to work like hell to make a glorious Indian summer comeback for my running career (ok I do dramatize!) are...

5k - sub 20 minutes (currently is 20:38).
10k - sub 40 minutes. (currently 42:37).
10 miles - sub 70 minutes.
Half marathon - sub 1 hour 30.
Marathon - sub 3 hours 20 (and a return to London, which will be via a guaranteed entry as a 'good-for-age' if I achieve that time).

NB: a tantalizing problem could be presented if I win the club ballot for a 2018 London place, for April! I'd need to up my mileage training rather urgently if I'm to do myself justice. I'll cross that bridge if I come to it, but for now I'm assuming my comeback marathon is going to be Lancaster September 2018 :)

^ For sentiment's sake, I'm keeping that there for now. ^ Research I did for my ragtime CD in 2015. I might even upload my piano version.