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My running blog is here. Although this was launched on 16th Sept. 2017, the great comeback began at the start of the year with an inauspicious outing at the Lancaster 5k. Since then, progress has been made!

6th November 2017

16th Sept 2017   11:36pm

It's the night before the Castle 10k and I reflect on the last, somewhat disappointing outing. The Vale of York Half Marathon did not deliver the hoped-for progress on that great effort in Morecambe in June. After the sizeable journey, the sense of 'event' with its large numbers, and the flat scenic course, this was a letdown. It doesn't, I hope, represent an impasse or the doom and gloom of losing the battle against the march of time just yet. It's explainable by the fact I did way too much long walking (plus cycling on a crap old bike) in the days prior. I felt the aches and soreness in my legs, and they simply didn't recover in time. I thought I was okay, but a few miles in it was clear there was no spark, and I even feared I was developing a calf strain at 9 miles and might not finish. The good news is, though, no injury at all - as all year long, this has been a superbly managed comeback at the age of 49, although I say it myself! - and I finished only 85 seconds down on Morecambe in a time which would have been a pipedream a year ago, indeed at any time over the last 11 years.
  The lesson is, at my age, I have to get preparation exactly right and take no liberties with the wind-down phase before a race. I really need a good performance tomorrow to get the spirits and confidence up, especially as it's home ground in the spectacular historic setting of Lancaster Castle (well, the finish is, not the entire race)! I don't expect to beat my season's best from Ulverston (9th Aug) or get the Lancaster Runners record, as it's a tough uphill finish, but I think both are realistic targets before 2017 is out. The 40-minute goal looks distant and daunting still, though. But I'll fight like a dog to get there. As for the next half marathon opportunity, alas I'm not sure when that's going to be now.

^ For sentiment's sake, I'm keeping that there for now. ^ Research I did for my ragtime CD in 2015. I might even upload my piano version - when I get my laptop back from the great witch-hunt. I might speak more of that in due course too: this time I had done not a fucking thing wrong by any sane person's definition.